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“Template” Component

Design: zeplin.

Templates are PDF files containing guidelines on certain UX topics that we let users download to use. Templates, as a component, are user interfaces that can be inserted into articles and newsletters so that the reader can download them.

There are 2 types of templates which can be inserted into articles and newsletters:

  • A template, which is a single downloadable PDF file
  • A template bundle, which is a zipped folder containing 2 or more template PDFs.

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@include('pages.templates.widgets.templateForArticle', ['template' => $template])


  • template (required)

    Template instance to display.

Template Bundle

Get your master bundle of 24 “UI Design” templates
UI Design


@include('pages.templates.widgets.templateBundleForArticle', ['templateBundle' => $templateBundle])


  • templateBundle (required)

    TemplateBundle instance to display.